5 Tourist Faux Pas to Avoid in Krakow

Looking for tips on how to avoid Krakow’s tourist traps? Look no further! In this blog post, we highlight some of the ways you can avoid common mistakes made by Krakow’s nine million annual visitors. From exploring different neighborhoods to venturing away from the city center, keep reading to find out how to make the most of your time in this gorgeous city.

5 Tourist Faux Pas to Avoid in Krakow

Not Appreciating the Architecture

Very few tourists take the time to truly appreciate the stunning buildings around the city. Start at St Francis’ Basilica, an Art Nouveau Church built in the 13th Century. Step inside to see colorful artwork and stained-glass windows, which will certainly brighten up your vacation photos. Afterwards, check out the Renaissance Sukiennice, the oldest shopping mall in the world, or head to the Wael Castle, with Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Romanesque elements.

Not Learning about History Beyond Auschwitz

The sobering site of Auschwitz is a must during your time in Krakow; however, there’s also plenty of history lessons within the city itself. Kazimierz, for example, is Krakow’s old Jewish neighborhood. On our free guide of the area, you’ll get the chance to see highlights including the Remuh Synagogue and Plac Nowy, the district’s main square. We’d highly recommend coinciding your visit with the annual Jewish Culture Festival, which takes place in June and July.

Not Venturing Outside of the City

Those who fail to leave Krakow’s city center will miss out on the incredible natural beauty in its surrounding areas. The Krakow Mounds, for example, make for an awesome day trip. They were built by pagan tribes thousands of years ago and are said to be the burial site of Krakow’s founder. Enjoy a sunny picnic on their slopes, while admiring the view over the city. Alternatively, head to Zakrzówek, a lagoon just beyond the center. While swimming in the bright blue water is banned, there is a scuba diving school on-site to explore the depths of the lagoon.

Avoiding the Nowa Huta District

More brutal than its historic neighbors, many tourists miss out on the concrete jungle of Nowa Huta. That’s a real shame, as there’s more to the area than initially meets the eye! Nowa Huta translates as “New Steelworks” – that’s the reason the Soviets built the area at the end of WWII. Today, you can still visit the steelworks site, alongside other fascinating historical landmarks. Afterwards, check out some of Nowa Huta’s incredible microbreweries or ice cream shops, such as Lody Tradycyjne or Good Lood.

Missing Out on Street Art

City trips are often rushed, but don’t be tempted to miss out on Krakow’s awesome street art scene. Take our free walking tour to admire iconic murals, such as Ding Dong Dumb and Robot, as well as some of the lesser-known displays. The best art can be found along Józefa Street or Plac Bawół; however, many shops and restaurants now pay artists to cover their buildings in graffiti, so you can find colorful displays pretty much anywhere!

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