Free Old Town Tour

Everyday at 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM also at 4:00 PM(July-September) Approximate duration:  2,5h Meeting point: In front of St. Mary’s Church on the main square


HIGHLIGHTS of Free old town tour: St Mary’s Church (Mariacki Basilica), Barbican, St. Florian’s Gate, Slowacki Theatre, Jagellonian University, Town Hall Tower, Cloth Hall, Franciscan Church, John Paul II’s window, Grodzka Street, St Peter and Paul Church, Wawel – Royal Castle.
DESCRIPTION: More than 1000 years of history – from times of kings and queens through wars, times of happiness till communism and present day. Kraków’s old town is the place where you can still witness evidences of all those periods of time. Have you seen the biggest medieval market square in Europe or the oldest university in Poland? Maybe you are eager to see outstanding fortifications and buildings, local places learn about legends, customs and facts connected with Kraków. Do not hesitate! Experience all that during our free walking tour around old town.

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Free Jewish Quarter Tour

Everyday at 10:30 AM & 3:00 PM Approximate duration: 3h Meeting point: In front of St. Mary’s Church on the main square


HIGHLIGHTS of Free Jewish Quarter Tour : Kazimierz Synagogues, Holocaust Memorial, Jewish Cemetery, Plac Nowy (New Market Square), Schindler’s List filming spots, Kazimierz Graffiti, Plac Wolnica, Kładka Bernatka (Bridge of Love ), Heroes of Ghetto Square DESCRIPTION: In the middle ages Poland was one the most tolerant country in the Europe. Home to the largest and most significant Jewish community in the world. Krakow’s Kazimierz district is heart of Jewish culture in Poland where two cultures Christian and Jewish coexisted for more than 500 years. During World War II Kazimierz district and people who were living there experienced tragic events which were an inspiration for Schindel’s List movie. Places where ones the greatest people among Jewish nation were born, unique atmosphere of important centre of cultural life in Kraków, great examples of Jewish architecture but also places of great tragedy. All that you will see and experience during our free walking tour in Krakow’s Jewish quarter.

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7 deadly sins of Krakow

Starts on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 7:30 PM Approximate duration:  1,5 h Tour price: 50PLN(12 EUR) Price includes: Amazing guide Meeting point: In front of St. Mary’s Church on the main square


Isn’t this city beautiful? Probably yes, but don‘t be fooled by it‘s charm. Kraków hides its secrets and sins under cover of night. Centuries of history left some scars on pretty face of Krakow. Medieval cruelty, sinful kings, queens, nobles and serial murderers are all part of shameful history of this city. Put yourself in the role of victims of Krakow’s serial killers. See places which are representing 7 deadly sins of Krakow. There is no place for fairy tales and ghost stories.Do you want to experience real dark side of Kraków? Aren‘t you afraid? No? So join the tour!

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Taste of Poland

Start on Mon, Wed, Fri at 2:30 PM , Sat at 12:00 PM Approximate duration:  2,5h Tour price: 95 PLN(22 EUR) Price includes: Polish food tasting and guide Meeting point: In front of St. Mary’s Church on the main square


Polish cuisine has definitely something to offer also for You! There is kiełbasa, żurek, pierogi and much more. Beside the food, you can’t forget one of the most famous aspects of polish cuisine – vodka. During this tour you will try more than 10 different elements of traditional Polish cuisine and learn how it is made. Starting from snacks, trough street market specialties, visiting restaurant and cafe, finishing with full stomach and shot of delicious liquor. Do not hesitate! Join us! Reservation is required.

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Tours start: You decide Approximate duration:  3,5h Tour price: 420 PLN(100 EUR) Price includes: Amazing guide Meeting point: You decide


You prefer to find your own path through the city? You don’t like following the group unless the group are your friends or family? You haven’t found tour for you? You would like to be picked up from your hotel? Book this tour and spend 3,5 hours with our local, informative and entertaining guide who will make this time unforgettable!

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Krakow Alcohol Experience – Tasting Tour

Krakow Alcohol Experience - Tasting Tour

Start on Fridays at 6:00 PM (FIRST TOUR 5th of January 2018!) Approximate duration:  2 h Tour price: 95 PLN (22 EUR) Price includes: Polish foods and drinks tasting and guide service Meeting point: In front of St. Mary’s Church on the main square


Poland – also known as country of the best vodka in the world. There is something more than vodka that you have to try when you are visiting Krakow. Have you ever heard about mead? Do you know the taste of Polish craft beer? Do you know the most famous polish vodkas and the ways how you suppose drink them? If any of the answers above is “no” you have to join us! We are going to walk you trough the mysterious world of alcohols and snacks you should eat along with drinks we are going to try. Reservation is required.

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We run free walking tours in Krakow (Cracow) to show you the best what you can find in the heart of Europe. Krakow’s old town, Wawel Castle, Podgórze’s Ghetto, Kazimierz with its Jewish Quarter are the places you can’t miss if come to visit this wonderful city. Join our free walking tours in Krakow and fall in love with this city.

CRACOW’s past is filled with humor, history and a cast of characters – from kings, queens, and castles to the fall of communism. You can snap photos of the incredible buildings and monuments that have stood the test of time while our educated and entertaining guides tell you all the inside stories you won’t find in your average history book.

Our free walking tours Krakow have no set up price and no tickets are required. Your free spirit guide works on a tips-only basis. Tips should be given voluntarily in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and customer satisfaction!

FREE walking tour means that you are free to join or leave the tour.
FREE walking tour means also that there is no pressure to:
– join the tour,
– learn a lot about Krakow,
– see wonderful places,
– try great local food specialties,
simply fall in love in Krakow!

Feel FREE to join us! You wont regret! What you can lose if it’s only based on tips?!

Our tours take more than 2 hours. Please wear proper shoes and clothes.
Take with you: water, sun blocker, rain coat or umbrella – Krakow’s weather might be tricky 🙂
To join our free walking tours you don’t need any tickets or reservations but if you represent group bigger than 10 people please do book the tour. We would like to be prepared for you!
In the other hand the minimum number of the people to start the tour is 4 – but we often run tours also with smaller groups 🙂
Look for our guides with the green umbrellas! Every day in front of St. Mary’s Church on the Main Square.


When you spot green umbrella on the square don’t hesitate to ask the guide whatever you want. Remember there is no silly questions 🙂

All our tours start in front of St. Mary’s Basilica on the main square! You don’t know where it is? Check map below! You don’t know how the place look like? Check this video 🙂

In case of any change in our schedule or cancellation of the tour we will inform in advance on our Facebook profile here: Good Cracow Tours. Thank you for understanding!